Join the Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA)

I think we’re aware by now that the conversations this month have been surrounding “wen coinbase?” and for that, 2021 has felt longer for some.

So it looks like for now we have to remain patient :relaxed:

In the meantime, I came across the Museum of Crypto Art or M○C△ for short. They’re a decentralised, public museum focused on crypto/NFTs, and are making waves with its new philosophy on the creation and consumption of art.

M○C△ is currently displaying AR exhibitions in 30 global countries in physical spaces and has recently launched a Community Collection that curates artwork from all NFT owners

M○C△ Token Incentive
M○C△ recently announced an incentive where the top 10 communities who “activate” their NFTs on the MOCA app receive a split of 33,333 $MOCA tokens they plan to use for governance. An activation means putting your NFTs up on their site.

A collector can activate up to 10 NFTs per day so if you’re a full set owner, that’s 30 points to Curio Cards. A more detailed description of their token incentive is also in their article linked again here.

Note: this token is simply a governance token and is only a part of a small % of 10,000,000 of $MOCA. You can get a better understanding from the allocation chart below:

How to activate your NFTs on M○C△ to participate
To do so, you head to, click Member’s pass on the top right corner and then “Activate NFTs” to select and activate Curio Cards onto the leaderboard:

More details can be found here in their: Community Ladder article

This is all free btw, I’ve already activated my Curio Cards on the platform, and from what I’ve seen it only requires is a signature. Eventually, as M○C△ expands, Curio Cards might be displayed in one of their physical shows somewhere in the world.

The leaderboard for $MOCA is here: MOCA. Museum of Crypto Art

Staking $MOCA:
$MOCA tokens can be staked here.

Secondly, the launch also won’t be the last, for the next 12 months starting from January 2022 onwards, a total of $66,666 $MOCA tokens (5,555 per month) will be distributed. The details on how these will be distributed are unclear, but it’s something worth keeping up with.

Some of us saw a spicy result with the Hyype whitelist launch where Curio Cards came 3rd out of 12 communities in their Hyype alpha race. This is another opportunity for Curio Cards owners to show appreciation to the 2017 magical mash-up.

That’s all!
Sorry for the long post but there is a lot of exciting info to unpack about this one.


Just an update on this! We didn’t get into the top 10, but with the short time span, we got to spot 13!

Amazing stuff considering the leaderboard didn’t count duplicates of the same NFT, instead counted unique NFTs. Which meant we were capped at 30 activations each despite some of those being duplicates! Gotta give us all props on that :relaxed:

MoCA is continuously growing and expanding their initiatives. It will be great knowing Curio Cards communities were involved in the early days.

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