Marketing and Awareness

Hello People,

Figured I’d start a little thread about marketing and awareness initiatives. Obviously Curios have inherent historical value and in time, their values will reflect that. Personally, I’m fine holding and waiting for everyone to come to us. However, I’m sure there is a willingness to take advantage of the times, the explosion in NFT awareness, and kick-start a marketing campaign. I don’t have many ideas, not my strength, but I do know some graphic designers/artists, who could whip together some sweet Curio ad’s if there was a vision to what those ads or marketing efforts might look like and some examples to emulate.

If anyone has any suggestions or vision on what a marketing campaign might look like to build awareness of the brand, I’d be happy to brainstorm on that.

Since I joined the community I’ve been wondering what the tone of voice/personality Curio Cards would lead with if such campaigns were to be made…and if its brand has room to evolve as more new members enter the ecosystem.

Many people have their take on the collection to different degrees, and it means whatever it means to the viewer depending how much they dove into the rabbit hole (i’m talking about the context of which the cards were made in, knowledge about the blockchain, art history, the financial system, bitcoin history).

When it comes down to creating marketing campaigns we have to drill it down to a certain framework… or at least have it lead by people either well researched/OG enough to understand the brand deeply and communicate that same ‘feel’ of Curios (satirical/light hearted) to a large audience and in a way that it doesn’t get diluted + mistaken for something else.

So what I mean is, what’s the leading principles we’d lead with that’d inform our marketing efforts and not leave it to simple watered down messages like ‘we are the first art on ethereum’ that would certainly go over a lot of newbies heads?

And then the question is, who are we even targeting? Are newbies of any importance to Curio, or do we want to be more selective with our audience and almost do a natural selection approach where eventually our community base is shaken out and becomes a community of highly-convicted and educated owners?

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