Merchandise IRL

There has been a desire to create Curio Card related merchandise IRL. Lets talk about how we can do this with the approval of the original artists and team, and continue the same sentiment of the Curio Cards project. This will be a great way to display and enjoy the art of the original cards and maybe create a little awareness while we are at it!


The artwork licensing section of the Curio docs looks relevant here: Artwork Licensing - Curio Cards

It looks like anybody that holds the Phneep, Robek World, and Thoros of Myr cards (1-10, 14-16, 20-23, 30) is allowed to use the art for merchandise. The artists would require separate licensing terms for commercial use.

Thank you, we will need to work to see if we can get licenses for the other artists, as long as we can get owners of those cards involved.

I would want to create this store in a way that showcases the story of Curio Cards and NFTs in general as an education piece for the public. We would absolutely link to opensea to purchase the real cards, but we would also have merchandise for people who like the project, want to support it, but arent ready to jump into the crypto universe yet. This could be a good tactic to increase our footprint in SEO as we strengthen our reach to tell the story. Thoughts?

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I was thinking more of doing it the exclusive way. That you need to hold cards to be able to buy it. Like how BAYC did it, but this can also work

Another question. Who should pay for the store, and who should get the revenue. I think it is best that the dao gets the revenue atleast

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Right now for a good portion of the cards, if you own you the card, you can make something and share it with the community. so that could be done by a good majority of card holders for the cards Brianmct called out above. While it would be fun to do something exclusively for card holders, I dont think it would help tell our story or strengthen the curio cards name.

What if we played with the idea of having an exclusive line of products in the store that can only be access or bought by card holders and you would need to sign in with your wallet to see or purchase those? That way we are still allowing others to get excited, and participate, but we also have a benefit for current card holders?

I know it has been brought up too that it can be taboo to ask for addresses that would be needed for shipping in the crypto world. Im not sure if there are some clever tools or ways to make this more anonymous?

I agree I think the revenue should go to the DAO as well. Im not sure how we would get this set up financially. Im willing to put in the work to set up the store and products. Im not sure how to financially set up payments etc. for the store.


There is certainly interest in merchandise, enough that we should be looking into it. To work it needs is a single “point of contact entity” that the community trusts. So here is my suggestion: We set up a guild that is answerable to the curio community and has the role of managing merch.

A Guild is a specialized group within a DAO with a specific focus. People can be in multiple guilds (in fact it’s encouraged).

We should keep the number of guilds as small as possible, so to start merch can be grouped under outreach. Outreach covers education, blog posts, marketing, documentation, etc. Anything that is about Curio’s external presence. Let’s cleverly call this the “Outreach Guild”, and declare that it now exists. Congratulations everyone :cheers:. People who want to join this guild can add themselves to the helper directory and chose “outreach/marketing” under guilds: Join our public directory of Curio Card community members

It sounds like @Etheriad you would like to take a strong role on this, so please go ahead reach out to the people in the directory who have expressed an interest (use the filters here Airtable - Curio Cards Members Directory), and start a private thread or a group DM with any of those people who respond with interest. Please toss me in that as well, I care :happypepefast:, plus anyone else who asks.

For how that group then proceeds, the guild can figure it out. I have some starter ideas. Let’s not forget about the “community trust” part. For that, let’s say Right Now that ANY action on merchandising that group decides on will be released as a public proposal + feedback period, and will then be put up for a public cardholder vote. We have done cardholder voting in the past, for the OpenSea royalty. You can see that here, Snapshot (though FYI we will need to update it to use wrapped cards first).


Thank you, Travis, it is exciting to get some movement on these ideas! I will get to work on reaching out to those who have expressed interest on the Airtable and starting the private thread to discuss this idea with the group. Community Trust will always be at the heart of anything Im involved with at Curio Cards.

Thanks for this and all the discussion above!

One random idea related to making the Merch accessible to non-hodlers while also special for hodlers:
The “base item” could have the Curio logo (I’m imagining a sweatshirt here) and this can be acquired by anyone / without entering an ETH address. Then there are like card-/set-specific badges (printed on? sewn on?) that are for hodlers of that card. Like Curio Scouts merit badges.
…Or like a coffee cup where one side has default Curio logo. Then the other side has laser-engraved Curio that the ETH address verifiably owns (or temperature-sensitive). So then a non-hodler has a cool mug. But then a full-set hodler will see the whole grid of Curio when they reach for the cup.

Also the design of merch/apparel, even if we already have some of the inspiring images/logos at hand, is itself a creative work. So I will look forward to how the DAO/guild model works to organize and value all these kinds of contributions.


I really like this take on merchandise.

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I like this idea and was going to suggest the same :slight_smile: I’d like to participate in product design research, so hit me up @Etheriad for the outreach guild.


I will also like to participate in the product design research. Send me a dm @Etheriad