NFT based DAOs and best features

What NFT based DAOs have your favorites and what features are you into?


I have an idea for a set of NFT cards that tell the story of how Curio Cards came to be, starting with Bitcoin being created and hitting the major landmarks along the way. I was inspired with this idea from downloading as much information about curio cards as I could after seeing them at the Christie’s auction for the first time. I wanted to take the story that Travis and others tell so well and put it in an NFT series. I think they would be cool collectables, but also further support the status of the original curio cards set. I am not skilled at drawing or sketching, but I put together this story board to get my idea across. Travis had good feedback to include benchmarks to the series too related to volume of trades, or number of hodlers, etc. to make those benchmarks special to those who have participated up to that point. I would to with any artists who are interested in helping me create these cards. If I could ask for world, Gifs would be my preference, but we can talk about details later if the group likes this idea.

Card 1, Money is digitized with Bitcoin being created
Card 2, The vending machines are being stocked with Curio Cards
Card 3, The unbought cards are burned
Card 4, The cards are rediscovered after being forgotten for sometime.
Card 5, The cards are wrapped so they can be sold on open sea
Card 6, The set is sold at Christies
Card 7, The Floor dips, but the elevator is rising,
Card 8, Gas Prices are high.


This is awesome idea, and nice sketches!

Also it could be cool to continue to make more cards as history continues to unfold. For example the Christie’s auction and other special events could have commemorative cards, perhaps related to a POAP? Or snapshot based drops like “Curio Christmas 2021” haha.

As an artist I am happy to contribute a drawing for any theme/event.


that’s cool
I like when it tells a story.
I like also the fact that we could use events past and future to mark presence of holders.
MMOs and other multiplayer games often do seasonnal events limited in time where it rewards player for being here. It’s often a good time to renew with the game.
It would surely make people come by more often or maybe join, and holders would have cool artefacts.


I think Bankless is a prime example of a DAO that runs itself well for the current climate. They’ve got a cool model for governance and is probably one of the most complex ones I’ve seen (complex might not mean better, there can be too much)

A few things I like about their DAO are:

  • their gear towards high quality podcasting and voice communicated ideas
  • their concepts of guilds: (legal, treasurer, translator, developer, marketing) we have something similar in the works
  • their “hype and recognition” and contributer incentives where they reward their members “BANK” which is their equivalent of GIVE on coordinape
  • and the lengthy and quality discussions from their forums: Brain Dump #4 - When and How Do We Scale? - General - Bankless DAO

Will add more things about other DAOs but bankless comes to mind when I think of good execution.