Proposal - Article & Video

I am the founder of the NFT-focused social blogging platform
I want to have 1 Curio Cards and be a part of the community.

My offer:
1.) In return I will write 2x high quality article for CryptoCards on ( English & Turkish) And I will show this content on the homepage for 3 months.
2.) I will prepare a Youtube video in Turkish for CurioCards. And I will share this video on my channel.

The contents will be permanent and will not be deleted. I believe that I will contribute to the recognition of curio cards in the long run.

Some examples of my work:

XCPinata (2015) I Counterparty I Historical NFTs - Blog Mutant Monsters (2019) | High Potential Legacy NFT Collection - Blog
Taş Bloklardan – Roket Takımına: Avalanche! - Blog
CryptoWine - Dünyanın ilk NFT şarapları - Blog
SNAFU - Digital Sanat İçin DAO - Blog
Youtube: Avalanche (AVAX) Nedir - Ne İşe Yarar? - YouTube

In return I want 1x Curio Cards.
I would be very happy if you accept my offer.

Best regards.

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Thank you for your interest. Please contact the CurioCards Team at the discord link here: Curio Cards.