Should Curio Cards be able to evolve beyond art?

We all recognise Curio Cards as a historical art collection on Ethereum.

Recently its become apparent that there is a trend moving towards the concept of NFT games and metaverse.

Therefore the idea of how Curio Card’s would fit into the metaverse is up for discussion.

Is there a limit?

I’m interested to hear what everyone’s opinion is.


I think participation in the Metaverse or Metaverses will be crucial for any project. For that matter the sooner CC takes part in that the better. Of course there are many projects out there already working on experiences in the Metaverse and one cannot follow all of them. Recently there was a Twitter space from Matty DCL Blogger with some OG historical NFT projects including CC. Matty has some project development in Decentraland so might be worth trying to make some kind of collaboration with him. His Metakey project give access to the key owners to different experiences in the Metaverse for free. Curio has 4.6k. owner-base. Of course not all of them are active, but those that are are very active on Twitter and other discords. This could be a USP for cooperation with the Metakey for CC owners for example. I would love to take part in a discussion/brainstorm if any.


We did make contact made with DCLblogger a while back where the idea was to buy some land to build a Curio Cards-themed Museum on. But we had no real dedicated team for things that like so that DAO had to be set up and coordinated which became our focus over the last few weeks.

There was a great idea proposed by a discord member @Gorkulus I haven’t forgotten about. That the design of the museum was to include secret passageways and was to be interactive. I’d still like to see that happen :slight_smile:

I’d like to see a discussion on DCL vs Sandbox for Curio Cards as those look like the main two players atm.

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Hey, it’s Skulldiggery :slight_smile: First, thanks for making this post. I was literally looking for a place to discuss this, and thought, ‘why not check the forum?’ Bam.

So, I’d be interested to hear the founders’/artists’ takes on this question too. The way I see it, Curio Cards are an online art show. So, beyond the Ethereum/historical significance and pioneering NFTs, at the project’s core, it’s about the art. Is that fair to say?

So, if we create games, let’s say, or virtual spaces (like metaverses?) then they should always reflect the art somehow, I’m thinking. So a game could be something involving making art, or generating art, or collecting art (this is how we stay true to the original vision, and evolve, without needing to evolve beyond art).

But I think we have to look at this from a zoomed out point of view. If we’re trying to grow Curio Cards into something more meaningful, we have to create meaningful experiences for people who own the cards, which is what you guys mention above. We can do this in different ways, but I think it’s about taking the best parts of Curio Cards and highlighting them. To do this, we have to bring the project to life, I believe. The Curio Cards-specific Museum with secret passageways etc. is a good idea. Maybe there are entire sections where you ‘travel through complexity,’ or meet the ‘Wizard’. Or even discover new art ‘curated by “Curio Cards”’, or Curio the Raccoon.
(As a side-note, I think Curio the Raccoon could be brought to life more. That could mean through animated clips, or just story-driven content. I really like the design of the Curio for the To The Moon card, and the Christie’s auction, by the way.)

I think having the art appear in other Metaverses is a cool way to collaborate, and grow together. But we should think about Curio-specific experiences as well, that perhaps capture the essence of the project.

I think sending users ‘secret messages’ via Ethmail, as Daniel suggested, is a cool idea regarding what to give owners access to. These could contain links, leading to other card-specific content, for example.

A random idea I had was to make a Cryptograffiti game, where you run around sticking labels on banks, or something like that. Just a random idea. But something simple and fun is maybe the way to go. The thinking is here you make the artist’s IP more valuable, and then give access to that IP in some meaningful way using the Cards. This might be the other side of the coin, in terms of highlighting the best parts of Curio Cards – highlighting the artists. While we’re doing that with the remixes, maybe the next step would be building artist-specific stuff/platforms that the cards give you access to in some way.

These are just a few ways to think about this and some random ideas. Would love to hear others’ perspectives.


Agree a lot with the sentiment that if we wanted to grow awareness of CC in creative ways, that it’d give new audiences knowledge/information as they interact with them :smiley:

“A random idea I had was to make a Cryptograffiti game, where you run around sticking labels on banks”
I love this, I’m picturing a Jet Set Radio style game.