Week 3: Tools and Organization

Link to recording: https://twitter.com/Crypto_Lurker01/status/1491308808639234048

Minute Notes: Week 3: Tools and Organization - Curio Cards (EN) 🇺🇸

This thread intends to become a resource that will help the community assist in future planning. Feel free to add any notes/comments/constructive feedback you think might help build on these ideas :nerd_face:.


Thanks for the forum post + notes + spaces!

Below are my semi-scattered notes:

Crypto Lurker’s opening framing:

  1. How do we want to organize ourselves (Curio DAO)?
  • Discord is good, but what about outside of Discord? Beyond or Past Discord?
  1. What tools do we want to use?
  2. What is the relationship between the organization (as noun and verb) and the tool (use)?

People from different fields, giving input how they would approach different areas.
— Solicit this from our community and networks?

Themes — regular discussions.

DAO projects vs. Community projects.

Group iterates on a DAO design site.

  1. Ideas & Specification
  2. Design
  3. Communicate to Curio community and solict

Views, Functions, and Onboarding to Curio DAO.

Capturing cool ideas. Focusing on the resources only. Starting with tasks that can be done 1 epoch per build.

Start it with the visualization — good view interface for Curio
Then add in Crypto login

Have a Tech Guild, that will work with some website freelance group

“Curio Dash”
MetaMask or other wallet integration.
Discord + Discourse connection (forum).
Calendar & events
News & Discord coming in.
Task creation (with bountty)
Website to connect with other holders?
Voting with cards

Starting with a plan.
Knowing what skills will be needed when.

Short term, Coordinape is seed funding — eventually sustainable via support and income streams.

Translate the docs to a website, minimum project?

Writing a blog on this.

V1 → DAO & Community view mode.
V2 → Login with Discord, role-based views.

Not the general solution — Just the Curio locations.


Thanks for the excellent spaces yesterday. Really enjoyed it!

First, all the above looks like material for a blog post. I’d be happy to write it up, unless someone else is already doing it?

Also, I had a random idea for the DAO website you were talking about. It might be quite technical to implement — I’m not sure. Idea: the first time someone visits the site, they get to choose a raccoon avatar (kind of like a character select). This could be minted. Then, every time they return, the site would see the avatar in their wallet and grant them access to the DAO (perhaps specified to their assigned guild(s), too?).

This could give DAO members an immediate sense of investment and community, embodied by their curious raccoons. The avatars could come from zoras’ pfp project, although I’m not sure what the plans are there. People could also trade them later if they want, which could generate a percentage in sales for the DAO. Although, claiming an avatar which can be sold might attract the wrong crowd to the DAO. But maybe it wouldn’t be advertised? It could just be something people discover when they first arrive. And if they just sell their avatar, then so be it.

As said, not sure how technically difficult or financially feasible this is. But it might be cool to unite DAO members as digital curious raccoons. Would love to hear others’ thoughts.


great notes, thanks for this!

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glad you enjoyed it!

the blog post idea is great, and yeah for sure more power to you on that front. there is a lot of content from these meetings that could be turned into resources :slight_smile:

and the access login pass idea is very cool, and am a fan of having it airdropped primarily on existing holders.

the only barrier it creates is for people who don’t own it but want to contribute to Curio Cards, so I am not 100% sure on the workaround on that. I think it is a good idea to open the DAO up as much as possible once it has the needed infrastructure for anyone to contribute due to “skill+knowledge+know about curio cards” shortage.

open to more discussions around this, maybe one step below it is letting those who have the curio NFT to have a special animation around their usernames/something to let them stand out. or something else fun and exclusive for holders :slight_smile: